Folding Instructions
Elf Boot or Lady's Slipper
Elf Boot
1. Fold in half, bring bottom to top.
2. Fold in half again, bring top to bottom.
3. Fold the left and right corners down to meet in the center.
4. Fold on the dotted lines, again bringing the left and right to the center.
5. Place the right half over the left half and position the napkin with the point to the left and the tails on the right and the opening to the bottom.
6. There are two tails on the right; lift the top tail and tuck it under and up.
7. The lower tail must be made narrow in order to tuck it into the pocket: do this by folding the top down and the bottom up.
8. Put the folded tail into the pocket to lock: stand up and turn up the point of the boot.
9. Elf's Boot
10. Lady's Slipper